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Helping Landlords

achieve a completely hassle free income.

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Have confidence that your property is being well looked after by a company that you can trust

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With a company let you can free yourself of many landlord hassles.

Typical landlord hassles include:

  • maintenance problems

  • late payments

  • tenants mistreating your property

  • high tenant turnover

When you rent your property to a company your rental income will be guaranteed for a period of 3-5 years, without the worry of voids or missed payments. You will feel safe in the knowledge that your property is being well looked after and maintained to the highest standard.

Some advantages of a company let include:

  • No management fees

  • No tenant phone calls

  • Long term contracts of 3-5 years

  • No maintenance troubles

  • No late or missed payments

  • Your property is regularly cleaned

  • Your property is frequently inspected & maintained to a high standard

We are fully compliant and registered & governed by the Information Commissioners Office and The Property Ombudsman.

We strive to bring the best customer service. Our aim is to take the stress out of being a landlord.

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How does it work?

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We will rent the property from you for a fixed rent for a period of 3-5 years. We then look after all management and  maintenance of the property, leaving you completely hands free. During that time you will not have to worry about voids or finding new tenants.

As an additional benefit... we can also provide a light refurbishment meaning you receive an uplift to your property and a possible increase in value. 

Our aim is to provide a home from home experience in a clean, comfortable and appealing environment. We work to house busy professionals working in the area for shorts stays.

Our work model means that properties are regularly cleaned and inspected. Furthermore we obtain photographic reports and provide these to you for your complete peace of mind.

Our business relies heavily on good reviews. It is in our best interests that your property is maintained to the very best standard throughout our agreement, so you can rest assured that when we return your property to you it will be in the same if not better condition than it was.

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